HIT-NOT® from Automation Systems & Controls is the most precise and reliable equipment to pedestrian collision avoidance system on the market today.

Unlike RFID Systems, HIT-NOT® does not have to see you to know that you are there, it reads and warns through walls, racks, and other blind corner obstructions that cause life changing injuries and sometimes death. It is a precise marker with two zones, Warning and Danger, which are indicated by a LED light and audible sounder for the pedestrian and equipment driver simultaneously. HIT-NOT®’s fully proven technology was initially developed to save lives in the Mining Industry. HazardAvert® was the first proximity detection system approved by MSHA (Mining Safety & Health Administration). HIT-NOT® utilizes the same powerful technology to save lives and eliminate vehicle to pedestrian collisions in the workplace.

  • HIT-NOT® technology is based on Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields. This patented technology allows the HIT-NOT® Proximity Detection System to pass through most walls and structures and is much more precise than other available systems.
  • HIT-NOT® is much more precise than RFID systems because it utilizes a stable magnetic field marker that is adjustable with two zones (Warning and Danger).
  • HIT-NOT® allows machinery and pedestrians to work in the same areas safely and efficiently.
  • HIT-NOT® warns both the pedestrian and the driver of the equipment.
  • HIT-NOT® PAD’s communicate individually with each field generator on all equipment.
  • HIT-NOT® Systems are all compatible and easily expandable.