Mitsubishi Collaborative Robot

Mitsubishi Collaborative Robot – RV Series

The Mitsubishi RV series collaborative robot is aimed at production line automation applications: from machine loading, device assembly, kitting and un-kitting of parts to testing and vision inspection.

Mitsubishi’s cobots can be programmed via a PC, touch screen HMI, or by hitting the ‘save’ button and guiding and teaching the arm through the required sequence of movements. Mitsubishi cobots will be suitable for non-expert engineers, as an introductory step to using robots in a factory environment.

Mitsubishi cobots work not just alongside but directly with human operators, the design team that developed the RV Series Assista model prioritised safety. Payloads are consequently relatively low as the arm is force limited for safety.


The safety features and technical specifications are in accordance with ISO/TS 15066 guidelines on robots and robotic devices — collaborative robots. The six-axis articulated arm can be deployed as a desk-top unit or within the confines of an individual work cell.


Where the cobot stands out from other existing collaborative automation solutions, Mitsubishi claims, is in its positional repeatability. The cobot can offer positioning accuracies as low as ±0.02 mm. This is comparable with other industrial robots produced by Mitsubishi.

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