FDM Warehousing Transport Logistics

Ian Manley

National IT Manager

Ian Manley, National IT Manager of FDM, confirms the success of a new ASC installation at FDM Eastern Creek.

The application: Bar Code Scanner Tunnel 5 Sided Inspection for Barcode Labels Previously, the Laser based system was labour intensive due to its’ inaccuracy. Failed reads then went to a Manual sorting system. The ASC / Cognex solution upgraded the hardware from redundant Laser to modern Camera Technology. ASC provided a more ergonomic design footprint whilst retaining a significant portion of the original framework. This resulted in cost savings and better utilisation of essential warehousing floor space. ASC designed a Cognex featured integration that was seamless with Metter Toledo Weight Scaler and 3D Dimensioner. Automation Systems & Controls Cognex solution future proofed for FDM with the inclusion of image saving and 2D scanning Post testing results saw no rejected reads with an over 99% read rate, equating to a significant 3% read rate improvement.