Mars Food

Chris Lomas

MSE Manager Plant Operations

We Value Great Relationships

“The relationship between Mars Food and Automation Systems & Controls (ASC) has been built over a long period of time and several successful Automation projects.

ASC has always offered prompt on-site consultations to identify and methodically review new applications for lean, defect-free production.

ASC’s Sales team is thorough in collecting details, and quick to turn around quotes that are accurate and meet/exceed the requirements of our production lines.

ASC’s Engineering support team is readily available either by phone or web meeting to optimise and troubleshoot whenever it is required.

In this time of COVID restrictions, ASC has excelled in delivering meaningful remote-based support, and they continue to offer new training opportunities to our staff to ensure our skills in-house
and mitigate any COVID risks.  The professional manner in which ASC’s staff conduct themselves has made them a valuable partner and resource for all of our Automation needs.

We look forward to continuing to work with ASC in the future.”